Everyone has experienced a clogged drain in home Plumbing some time in their life. These literally, hairy situations, are not fun to deal with. Although clogged drains occur often, there are precautions to reduce the chances. Here are a few tips to help prevent clogged drains:

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. When using your garbage disposal, make sure there is a steady flow of cold water coming from the faucet. Cool water is better for flushing out the debris and carrying it through the drainage system. If you do NOT have a garbage disposal, no food should enter your drains. It’s okay if a little accidentally slips down the drain, but this can cause problems if too much enters the plumbing system.
  2. Keep oil and grease out of your drains. The best way to dispose of this is to pour the grease into a disposable cup and throw it away. The oil and grease can harden in your pipes over time and could create major issues with your pipes.
  3. When you’re able, use drain screens. Your drains already handle an array of debris that causes problems in your plumbing system. Using a screen can help deflect the debris from entering your plumbing and allowing the waste water to go through.
  4. Never flush objects down the toilet. Items such as paper towels, towels, food, and other objects are too heavy for the plumbing system to handle. The best way to dispose of such items is the trash.
  5. Make sure your plumbing fixtures have professional attention at the first sign of an issue. Becoming aware of small leaks or normal wear and tear can prevent a catastrophe down the road.

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