Aprilaire 1700/1720 Dehumidifier

Your home can have the latest heating and cooling technology, but you and your family can still feel uncomfortable. Excessive humidity can be a big reason why.

  • Indoor condensation appears on windows, mirrors and cold drinks
  • Your house becomes a breeding ground for insects
  • Wood floors, trim and wood furniture warp or rot
  • You experience uncomfortable sweating at normal indoor temperatures
  • Skin feels sticky in summer/clammy in winter
  • Rooms smell musty

Daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning and showering can add as much as 25 pounds of moisture to your home. The Aprilaire Model 1700/1720 delivers effective, reliable moisture control.

Once again, Aprilaire is the leader- providing you humidity control, comfort and indoor air quality throughout the entire home.

Total comfort - Aprilaire invented automatic humidity control and takes full advantage of this expertise to automatically sense moisture levels and maintain optimum humidity levels in your home, running the dehumidifier only when needed.

Automatic switching - The Model 1700/1720 can also automatically switch between whole-home and localized dehumidification. This allows you to use on dehumidifier to control humidity in your whole-home when the air-conditioning fan is on, then convert to a specific location (i.e., basement) when air-conditioning system isn't operating.

Built for any temperature - The use of an advanced Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) helps the Model 1700/1720 resist the efficiency-sapping effect of lower temperatures. This helps it to remain effective over a broader range of temperatures than portable dehumidifiers.

Higher capacity and efficiency - The Model 1700/1720 has up to 4 times the energy efficiency to typical portables, and enough capacity to dehumidify an entire home- not just one room.

Energy efficient - The Model 1700 is Energy Star rated, offering 50% more water removal per kilowatt hour than even the leading portable.

Low maintenance - The Model 1700/1720 automatically manages moisture based on your changing conditions, so you don't need to constantly make changes or empty tanks.

A unit for every home size - The Model 1700 for most homes and the Model 1720 for larger homes or extremely humid conditions.

Other advantages of a whole-home dehumidifier include:

  • Automatic humidity sensing: allows for better monitoring and control of humidity
  • Convenient, quiet operation: away from your living space
  • Low maintenance dehumidifier: simple annual filter cleaning
  • Fresh air ventilation: automatically removes or dilutes polluted air