Weil-McLain Ultra Boiler

Ultra PhD (Precision Hydronic Data Technology)
Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler
Water Net Rating: 62,000 to 252,000 Btu/Hr.
5 Sizes

  • Ultra Innovative
  • Innovative combination of appearance, intelligence and technology.
  • Ultra High Efficiency- Over 92% AFUE and up to 98% for low temperature applications.
  • Ultra Attractive- The Ultra boiler features a new attractive design for installation in any setting.
  • Ultra Intelligent- Features PhD Technology – an intelligent system that delivers Precision Hydronic heating and hot water while maximizing efficiency by measuring and responding to the data parameters of your heating system.
  • Ultra High Technology- Mono black aluminum heat exchanger. Gas valve, blower and venture technology that constantly maintains optimal air and fuel ratio at all firing rates.

Weil-McLain CGa Gas Boiler Series 3

CGa Gas Boiler for Natural Draft Venting
Water Net Rating: 38,000 to 177,000 Btu/Hr.

  • Weil-McLain Control Module and Ignition Control.
  • Designed for Weil-McLain ... mistake-proof wiring ... diagnostic indicator lights.
  • Compact design. Saves valuable living space.
  • Boiler is only 28 inches high, 23 inches deep.
  • Stainless steel burners. For quieter ignition, longer life, and improved combustion.
  • Wiring harness. Plug-in connectors that attach only one way to assure mistake-proof wiring for installation and component replacement.
  • Easy power hook-up. J-box located on outside of boiler with pre-stripped wires.
  • Convenient servicing. Accessible controls … control module with diagnostic indicator lights … simplified wiring … vertical flueways … top cleaning.
  • Factory-tested. Every boiler is tested at the factory to assure reliable operation.
  • Improved parts kits. Parts furnished in convenient kits.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. Covers cast iron sections.
  • Multiple boiler systems. Use two or more high-efficiency CGa boilers in place of one large-capacity boiler to meet the space-heating requirements of larger buildings.
  • Homeowner Protection Plan. Covers all Weil-McLain supplied parts for 5 or 10 full years. Available through participating installers.

Thermolec Electric Boiler

Water Net Rating: 20,000 to 136,500 Btu/Hr.

  • Heavy-duty, fully insulated heat generator (10 years warranty)
  • Low-watt density Incoloy elements (10 years warranty)
  • Easy access for installation and maintenance
  • Approved for zero clearance to combustible materials
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Temperature and pressure gauge
  • Convenient plug-in electronic board controls all automatic functions
  • Pre-wired elements electronically controlled for full modulation
  • Quiet magnetic relays for heating elements and pump
  • High-limit thermal protection
  • Adjustable electronic hot water aquastat with wide range to suit all applications (80ºF to 180ºF)
  • Outdoor reset control saves energy and improves comfort.

Navien Combi

Brand: Water Right

  • Highest DHW maximum BTU’s in residential combi-boilers... up to 210,000 per hour
  • Highest DHW flow rate @ 70°F rise... up to 5.4 GPM
  • Highest number of BTU sizes for the North American residential combi-boiler market
  • Highest residential combi DHW TDR... 15:1 for all models
  • Highest residential combi heating TDR... up to 11:1
  • Highest number of built-in zone controls for valves or pumps... up to three
  • Highest full lineup 2" PVC venting lengths... up to 65 feet
  • Highest number of cascade capable units with NPE tankless water heaters... up to 15
  • High altitude certification... up to 10,100 feet (NG or LP)
  • Lowest minimum fire BTU for residential combi-boilers... as low as 10,700