What exactly is Nest and how does it work?

Nest supports many outlets of home automation. Now owned by Google, Nest is always working to improve home automation and make our daily lives easier, all within a single app.

Nest Thermostat – The Nest Thermostat is a learning thermostat that can SAVE YOU MONEY! This learning thermostat will save you about 10%-12% on your heating usage and about 15% of cooling in a centrally air conditioned home. The Nest can pay for itself in as little as a year. The technology features ten temperature sensors. It will learn your habits to know when you are in your home, or away, to save you maximum energy. You are also able to control the temperature from your phone. The design features a round look with a fully digital screen. When the little green leaf appears on the thermostat, it’s a sign you are saving money. Alliant Energy is offering a $75 rebate on your Nest Thermostat in your home. Alliant must receive your rebate application before January 31, 2019.

The Nest Protect, which we featured in a recent post, takes a new approach to a combination fire alarm and CO detector. This intelligent detector knows the difference between steam, burnt toast and an actual fire. The alarm will sound upon detection of a fire or CO in the air. You are able to silence the detector by the click of a button on your phone. Also, Nest will send a notification to your phone alerting you of any emergencies. Nest Protect checks itself over 400 times a day to make sure it’s working correctly. It’s powered by wire or battery so it will work with any existing setup. One final cool feature is the Pathlight. When you walk under it at night, it will light your way.

Nest also offers indoor/ outdoor cameras, a camera doorbell with voice activation, alarm system and a lock for your door. All of these can be controlled by the same Nest app your thermostat is on. Automate your home and call the guys you can trust at Colony Heating and Air Conditioning for more information. Have our experts install a new thermostat today!