New Air Conditioner in Cedar Rapids, North Liberty & Iowa City

Don’t get caught on a hot summer day without your Air Conditioning unit working. Let’s check out a few conditions that may be a sign it’s time to replace.

Increase in Energy Bills – Have you noticed your energy bills take an extreme jump during the summer months? More than normal? This could be due to your inefficient air conditioner. Consider getting a new unit with a higher SEER rating. You can even get a rebate from your local utilities supplier!

Loss of Air Flow – You may notice your air is not blowing as forceful or as well as it use to. This could be an early indication the unit is breaking down and needs replaced. Stay proactive and keep an eye and ear to your vents. If your unit is over 20 years old, it could be running on borrowed time and it may be time to replace.

Constant Running – This is generally not a good sign and can usually be helped by an annual clean and check. IF the unit is 20+ years old, this could be a clear indicator the unit needs replaced.

Weird Noise – If you hear a high pitched noise, there could be an issue with one of the motors. Rattling in the shell could indicate a loose part. Call the professionals at Colony Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to diagnose and take care of the problem.

General Signs of Aging – How does the outer shell look on the unit? Has the unit had issues in the recent past? Is the unit getting up there in age? Call us 364-HEAT (4328) today to have a salesman stop out for a free quote. Let us help you stay cool this summer. “Call the Guys You Can Trust.”



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