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Gas fireplaces add ambiance and warmth to any room of the home, all at the touch of a button. Enjoy the comfort of a gas fireplace in your home with the benefits that include the cleanliness and efficiency of a gas fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces offer several venting configurations:

Direct Vent: This is the most popular in our area. It uses a concentric pipe that can be rear vented straight out the back of the unit, up off the top and out the wall or straight out the top of the roof.

Vent-Free: This uses no chimney and is 99.9% efficient. This is not code to install in most counties in our area.

B-Vent: B-Vent takes its combustion air from the home and has to vent through the roof. These units run approximately 50-60% efficient and ar not as popular in our climate.

We have over 40 fireplaces in our showroom.
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Gas Fireplaces

Colony is currently selling the following gas fireplace brands:

Regency Kozy Heat

Stop by our showroom or contact PJ Kalb
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PJ Kalb
Fireplace Sales

PJ Kalb
Phone: 364-4328 or

Tom Dvorak
Fireplace Sales Consultant

Tom Dvorak
Phone: 739-5230

Ed LaPointe
Fireplace Sales Consultant

Phone: 739-5225

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