Single & Two-Stage Furnaces – Which is Best for You?

With Eastern Iowa’s frigid snowy winters, the comfort of your home starts with your Furnace. If you’ve been in the market for a new Furnace, it’s highly likely you’ve come across a single-stage and a two-stage Furnaces. There are differences in the way these preform. Just like car engines, some are designed to be more efficient and work in different ways than others. If you’ve had enough with cold spots and temperature swings, a two-stage heating system may be best for you.

Differences between a Two-Stage and Single-Stage Furnaces:

A large part of the difference between single and two-stage is flexibility. To put this in perspective, a furnace with single-stage heating is equipped with a fixed gas valve and a simple single-speed blower. This means this furnace is either on, running to the desired temperature with the gas valve open, or completely off with the gas valve closed.

If you’re looking at a two-stage system, the name says it all. A two-stage system is equipped with a two-stage gas valve. We also offer a two-stage system with a variable-speed blower. This allows the furnace to run on different settings to keep a consistent and desired air temperature. The system runs on a lower setting about 75-80% of the time. The lower fan setting means less noise, better air circulation and less wear and tear on the internal components. Oh, and you will save energy!

Furnace Replacement in Cedar Rapids, North Liberty & Iowa City

Two-Stage will ultimately save you money in the long run due to it’s efficiency, but it comes with a higher up-front cost. We have to agree, the two-stage system is worth the upfront cost. Less dust, less noise and higher efficiency. You can’t put a price on comfort.

Explore the differences in the units we offer HERE.

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