If you’re looking for a new Water Heater, there are many options and styles to choose from. The two main categories of water heaters are traditional and tankless. Let’s compare the two.

Traditional Water Heaters will heat and store the water in a large tank. These tanks use the preheated warm water and disperse it around the house as needed. As the tanks hot water is used, it refills, warms up and the cycle continues.

Tankless Water Heaters heat water only at the time of use, rather than storing it in the tank. These tankless water heaters are either gas or electric, and instantaneously heat the water on demand. So virtually you never run out of hot water.

So which is better? There is no definite answer which is better, rather which best suites your individual needs. Three key things to consider: Efficiency, Convenience and Cost.

Efficiency – Traditional water heaters use a lot of energy keeping a constant supply of heat to store the water. Tankless will only use energy as you use hot water making them much more energy efficient.

Convenience – Tankless water heaters take up virtually no space. They can be installed inside or outside of your home and wall mounted. This also eliminates the “last person who wakes up has to take a cold shower” dilemma. However, some tankless water heaters are too small to supply enough hot water if there are multiple showers running, laundry and use of the dish washer.

Cost – Tankless water heaters are slightly more expensive but you will recoup the cost over the course of their lifetime from decreased energy bills. Traditional water heaters can be significantly less expensive but more costly in operation.

While both are great options, it’s important to choose which water heater is best for your needs and budget. Check out the Colony Plumbing Page for services and other amenities. For Water Heater repair in Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Iowa City & surrounding communities; “Call the Guys you can Trust.” 364-4328.


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