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Wood Fireplaces

Today's woodburning fireplaces allow homeowners to enjoy a wood fire and still benefit from innovative technology in heating and efficiency.

You have choices in efficiency from:

Standard Decorative Fireplace: These fireplaces use air cooled pipe and run about 40% efficient with doors that open to enjoy the natural smell and crackling sound of a wood fire.

Mid-Efficiency Fireplace: These units also have doors that open to enjoy the fire, but also have features to help make them 50-60% efficient and can use air cooled or solid-pak class a chimney pipe for higher efficiency.

Hi-Efficiency Fireplace: High-efficiency fireplaces are air tight and control the combustion air that the fire uses to create efficiencies of up to 75%. These units use air cooled pipe or solid-pak to increase efficiency and ease of operation.

We have many of these models on display in our showroom. Stop by and let us demonstrate to you some of these great features!

Wood Fireplaces

Colony is currently selling the following wood fireplace brands:

 Security Fireplace

Stop by our showroom or contact PJ Kalb
(364-4328 or ) for more information

PJ Kalb
Fireplace Sales

PJ Kalb
Phone: 364-4328 or

Tom Dvorak
Fireplace Sales Consultant

Tom Dvorak
Phone: 739-5230

Ed LaPointe
Fireplace Sales Consultant

Phone: 739-5225

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